Data Privacy & Data Control

Data privacy is a big topic that has everyone not fully understanding how it works.

When you think about data privacy, some of the things that I think about are privacy.

Who can access my data and view my financial documents. Like bank records, tax documents etc. These focus points will be the starting point of my pursue of finding the right cloud provider for me to use.

So I present the following:

#1 MEGA Sync uses AES-128 encryption for encrypting your data in the cloud. This will keep your data secured, and protected even from the hosting company it's self. The encryption scheme they are using is. AES 256-bit encryption ciphers which is a really strong cipher algorithm to use for data privacy and security. This is a bonus point for me to have and use but, will I be ok with that level of encryption? That is my question, can this fulfill my needs with housing my data in their cloud server or physical servers? I don't have Top-Secret data but its important to me to keep up with its placement

Choosing a cloud provider can be a pain when you are needing one that have good data security and privacy.

Your data is located in the cloud, and you have complete control over your data, and privacy. Your data is secured with your encryption key that is accessed only by you and not even the hosting company can get into your data, as stated on their website below in that link.

Security Policy

Your data is locked away by your encryption key that only you have access to and control.

can this be enough? Will this suite my paranoid nature, only time will tell.

Up Next!

#2 Nextcloud

Is a really good service that offer cloud data privacy and security as well as Mega, but this service has a little bit more to offer than Mega. Nextcloud can be deployed on your personal server in your network. Even in a "DMZ" De-militarized zone, which is part of your network at home that is isolated from the rest on your internal LAN. You will have more control over this install then having it sit in a hosting company data center under their control. Nextcloud I believe has a lot of flexibility for growth. You can configure your Internal server to have all of the storage that you will need instead of buying storage form the provider. You can upgrade and downgrade at any time with no charge.

There are a lot of hosting companies out there that can offer the same type of services for free as this one, like OneDrive, GoogleDrive etc. These providers are OK, but data privacy and security is what we are looking for in this nature. I cannot guarantee the security and privacy of these providers. I know that they use encryption, but privacy, access, and control is the underlying reason. I am looking for control and privacy! So this option may the once that I will needed to look into for the most bang for buck.

Nextcloud Security

So the option is up to you on what company that may be a good fit for you and you data. Just think about the costs that are going to come with the service that you are going to be using for your data security and privacy, that is the underling choice that matters.

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